boating or fishing trip or mountain bike are available at St Patricks Relax, take a look at those views free customer car parking at St Patrick's

Casting Off

Your own timescale alone dictates the hire periods for our:-
Motor boats
Fishing boats
Rowing boats
Mountain bikes

and you will find that whatever time you have is crammed with enjoyment and new experiences whether you hire for:-

Half an hour
An hour
Half a day
A full day
*If you really want to spend time enjoying this glorious region, longer hire periods are available.

At St. Patrick’s Boat Landings, you can relax and either contemplate or reflect on your boating or fishing trip or mountain bike excursion, whilst enjoying spectacular views of the lake coupled with our cold and hot snacks and refreshments: tea, coffee, cold drinks, homemade cakes, burgers etc.

It certainly is idyllic here and free customer car parking serves to help to set the mood perfectly.  Everything moves at a slower pace here – even the motorboats are legally limited to a speed of just 10 miles per hour!

From before Easter until the end of October/beginning of November you will find us here at St. Patrick’s Boat Landings and whatever the weather or the season, there is something of unique fascination to the boater and bike rider.

Join us soon and just relax and enjoy Ullswater in the way you choose.

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